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We are creating a welcoming and supportive community sharing a desire to live in harmony with nature, with each other, and with the broader community outside our land. We are early in the development phase and are excited about all the opportunities presented by our families and by the beautiful land which surrounds us. We are committed to maintaining much of our land as pristine wilderness, while developing those areas nearest the homes in a way which serves our wants and needs but still respects the native flora and fauna of Windekind. We are grateful to have found such an incredible natural setting, and we want to develop a community which fits this setting. We make decisions by group participation and consensus building, and are eager to hear every member's viewpoint. We don't have a detailed single vision of what Windekind will look like ten or twenty year as from now, because that vision will continue to grow and be shaped by current and future members of this community. But we are very excited about what the future holds for Windekind.