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The Land

The land of Windekind is unique and breathtaking. Most of the land is wilderness between the elevations of 1400 ft and 2000 ft. Immediately to the east of the property is Camels Hump State Park, and numerous trails explore this land, trails which can be used for cross-country skiing, hiking, or mountain biking. A small portion of the property is dedicated to home sites, and below you can find the current status of each of the nine sites:

Site                                          Status                                                Owner/Contact Info

1. Farmhouse               Owned and Occupied                 Markley and Marijke Smith
2. Breidablick               Owned and Occupied                  David Varley
3. Campanula              Owned and Occupied               William Smith and Emily Andersen
4. Middle Kingdom      Owned and Occupied            Mark and Diane Lavine; 724-825-3085
5. Hilltop                      Owned, Under Construction         Ari Weitzman and Katie Ryan
6. Woodland 1             Owned, Under Construction         Matt and Jennifer Conforti
7. Woodland 2             Owned, Construction Pending      Nicole Doner
8. Woodland 3           Unoccupied, For Sale          Mark and Kiva Sullivan;
9. True North               Unoccupied, Possibly For Sale     Markley and Marijke Smith

Here is a link to a great map of Windekind and surrounding land:


And here is a presentation covering features of the land:

Mapping Study

And finally here is a paper discussing the various land zones and how they might apply to Windekind:

Land Zones