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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Co-Housing?

 Co-Housing is a neighborhood designed around the shared interests and values of those living in the  neighborhood. The structure can vary, but it is always based on the collaborative interaction of all members.
2. How does someone become a member of Windekind?

 Windekind Commons is an LLC comprising nine parcels/owners. Buying and building on one of the parcels is the only way to gain membership. Most parcels have already been purchased, a couple still remain open. As a member, you will become a 1/9 owner of the LLC, its assets, and all common land.
3. What are the responsibilities of membership?

 Members are expected to actively contribute to the success of the community, through means such as participation in the decision making process and committee membership.
3. Are there any monthly dues?

 We are a new community, and are still in the process of determining what is needed for budgeting those activities necessary for the maintenance of a community in which we can all be happy living. Currently, families have been paying approximately $100/month, although this may grow as time goes on. A lot depends on the evolving needs and wants of the members.
3. How many people currently live at Windekind?

Ten people, in four families, currently make Windekind their home. Others have purchased land but have not yet built their homes, so we expect more to live here within the next couple years.
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